We use the power of videography to tell unique stories, focusing on creating compelling visuals that entertain and resonate with your audience, offering an immersive experience that brings your brand to life.

Video Production for client Wisconsin Vision in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Let's face it, creating compelling video content can be a daunting task.

We understand that businesses face several challenges when looking to hire a video production agency. These can include finding an agency that understands and can accurately portray your brand’s message, the high costs associated with high-quality video production, and managing the time-consuming process of content creation. We are here to alleviate these pain points by offering tailored solutions that suit your specific needs and budget. We are a Milwaukee Video Production Agency that can handle all of your companies’ video needs.


From concept to creation, we’ve got you covered. We will work together with you to not only understand your business and market, but also be able to meet with you eye to eye when it comes to bringing your vision to life through video. Our goal is to either be your go to team for your video production needs, or even work with your existing team to bring bigger video projects to life. While we are a Milwaukee Video Production Agency, we are open to working wherever there is a story to be told!


Our process. We’ll collaborate from ideation to storyboarding, aligning our creativity with your vision. Initial meetings will gather insights, and we’ll coordinate shoot schedules and interview questions. We provide professional camera, sound, and lighting equipment, managed by experienced operators. Each video receives a bespoke edit, with a first draft available for adjustments before the official launch. We also provide professional color grading and sound design. We’re not just editing videos; we’re creating experiences, excited to bring your story to life.


Todays TMJ4 ‘Made in Milwaukee’

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Let us tell your story.

Media Bolt Productions on the set of our commercial for client Wisconsin Vision