A vibrant celebration of talent and determination, the film “Made in Milwaukee”, showcases the city’s diverse and dynamic creative community. From the rhythmic beats of renowned DJ Mr. New York, an Adidas ambassador, to the punchy prowess of Warrior Princess and Olympian boxing sensation Violet Lopez, this film explores the narratives of individuals who exemplify innovation and resilience. Other notable figures include rising star musician Kahl!l, acclaimed music video director PhillyFlyBoy, Penguin Publishing’s beloved book influencer Cree Myles, and many more, each contributing to Milwaukee’s reputation as a cradle of champions. 

Crafted through the collaborative genius of Milwaukee’s own, including directors Justin Jackson of Media Bolt Productions and award winning director Cody LaPlant, alongside Director of Photography Spencer Ortega, and producers Shun Powell and Michael Snowden, “Made in Milwaukee” transcends the ordinary short film. It is a heartfelt ode to the city, its artists, and their unwavering spirit of creativity and collaboration.


Behind the Scenes


Dancer & Choreographer: Christopher Deangelo Gilbert
Music Video Director: Philly Fly Boy
Musician: Khal!l
Book Influencer: Cree Myles
Crash Dummies Podcast: Mike Esiobu & Patrick Johnson
Ceramics Artist: Lalese Stamps
DJ: Mr. New York
Radio Host: Tarik Moody
Pro Athlete: Myles Smith
Influencers: JMatt & Martin Moore
Quad Skater: Pika
SFX Artist: Annaliese Thaney
Pro Soccer Player: Ian Bennett
Wood Artist: Ike Wynter
Boxer: Violet Lopez
Rapper: Dres
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Jonny Bridgewater
Rollerblader: Cedric Tippett Jr. 


Directors: Justin Jackson & Cody LaPlant
Director of Photography: Spencer Ortega
Production Company: Media Bolt Productions
First Assistant Camera: Eric Didier
Producer: Michael Snowden
Producer: Shun Powell
Art Director: Emily Dalske
Second Assistant Camera: Xavier Schaetzke & Loki Ferno
B Camera: Sean McDowell
Gaffers: Jackson Sutter & George Sande
Key Grip: Greg Rowan
Grip: Jean Vargas
Editors: Cody LaPlant & Justin Jackson
Writer: Michael Snowden
Behind the Scenes: Vianca Fuster & Imanol Ruiz
Drone Operators: Christie LaPlant & Jordan Hiltz
Studio Space: Studio Space MKE
Special Thanks: Electric Sun / NAC Camera MKE / Rhythm Records