If you need a documentary, a commercial, videography, website videos, let's show you how we make it happen.

Need your business, brand, or product shown on the big screen? We handle all parts of production to bring your vision to life.

From education and our work with school districts to content for social media and events, if you need your message shared, we will work with you to create lasting stories.

Our specialty is video storytelling and we feel there is no better way to do this than a documentary.

No website is complete without a video showcasing your brand or business. This can be a piece about your history or a sizzle reel showing your business.

Media Bolt Productions on the set of our commercial for client Wisconsin Vision

Our process.


From ideation to storyboarding, we will collaborate with you to align our creative direction with your vision. We respect your expertise in your field and aim to gather necessary insights during our initial meetings.

We will communicate with you and your team to find the most suitable time to schedule the shoot day. Additionally, we will work together to create questions beforehand if we are planning an interview. This preparation will ensure everyone is fully ready for the shoot day.

Media Bolt Productions on the set of our commercial for client Wisconsin Vision


In order to guarantee the highest quality of production, we will provide top-tier professional camera, sound, and lighting equipment. Each piece of equipment will be handled by experienced operators who are dedicated to ensuring the seamless capture of content. The duration of the shoot will be contingent upon a few factors. 

Firstly, the time required to engage in a comprehensive Q&A session to fully grasp the vision and objectives of the project. Secondly, the time required for the setup and breakdown of the provided equipment. We are committed to ensuring the production process is as efficient and smooth as possible.


Each video that we work on is treated as a unique project, receiving a custom edit that carefully tailors the narrative to fit its distinct content, thereby ensuring that every video tells a compelling story.

To ensure that the final product aligns with your vision, the first draft will be made available before the official launch of the video. This crucial step allows for any necessary final adjustments to be made, ensuring that the video is fine-tuned to perfection.

In addition to the narrative editing, we also provide professional color grading and sound design with each edit. We are not just editing videos, we are creating experiences, and we can’t wait to help bring your story to life.

Media Bolt Productions edits your videos to craft a compelling story!

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