We filmed a Corvette Car Commercial

At Media Bolt Productions one thing we felt important for us to do as creatives is always be working on a project that we were passionate about. With client work in the forefront we wanted to have a way to still develop original project ideas. So we decided to do that through our spec work. We create one project a month that we think tank on come up with original idea, and then collaborate with our network to make it happen.

Our very first spec piece comes in the form of a Car Commercial/ Narrative visual. We had a friend that had a fiery red Corvette that was willing to drive for us. We also collaborated with Michael Snowden of the Wesley Creative. Michael helped us with drone footage on this shoot, along with some of the in car shots. We did all the detail shots in our studio and driving shots from another car that followed the corvette closely as it cruised through the city of Milwaukee. If you pay attention our own Eric Didier makes a cameo in this film.

  • Director: Justin Jackson
  • DP: Eric Didier
  • 2nd Cam: Michael Snowden
  • Drone Pilot: Michael Snowden
  • Editors: Justin Jackson & Eric Didier
  • Sound Design: Eric Didier
  • Colorist: Justin Jackson

We were able to shoot this project in about 6 hours. Our team at MBP did all the editing, sound design, and color work. We are very excited to bring these spec videos to our community monthly. We just finished shooting our video for next month so stay tuned. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of our video drops. Until next time…Stay Creative